Why Wrap-Around Wall Units Work Wonderfully

June 1, 2015

Hall Cabinetry We’re seeing more and more of a new trend in great room design: living and dining rooms sharing more than floors and crown moldings. Wall to wall units and shelving have been transitioning from room to room, adding continuity to living spaces, which is a genius way to decoratively support a look and create a way to house the overflow of storage every home has.

In South Florida there are little to no hall closet spaces to be found. More and more people are trying to come up with creative ways to store excess items in an attractive way. Wall units and shelving is the way to do it!



High, Low and Everything In Between
Visit our photo gallery and you will find a plethora of wall units, shelving and built-in designs that work well in more than just one room. Take any one of these fabulous designs and imagine them stretching out along one wall, winding their way around a corner into a second room and creating a statement like no other. The grandness of the dimensions is impressive enough, but when you factor in the style, wood finish and fine details, you have a flow chart that would impress the CEO of Google!

The nice thing about wrap-around wall units and shelving is that they expand the look of each room and create a grander sense of space. When you create this illusion in your home it gives the feeling of pushing out the walls and adding more square footage to your rooms.

Wrap-Around Wall Units in Every Style
Your wrap-around wall units and shelving can be designed in any style under the sun, whether it’s traditional, modern or transitional, every design works well when incorporated into a double room space.

The next time you’re wondering which elements to use when creating continuity from one room to room, consider the benefits of a wonderful wrap-around wall unit!