When is the Right Time to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinetry?

June 3, 2019

Kitchen cabinetry is the heart of any beautiful, well-kept kitchen. Not only does it add style and interest to the room, but it is obviously functional too. The question is, when is the right time to replace your kitchen cabinetry? Is it more affordable to simply have it repaired or refaced? We investigate below.

  • How Long Does Kitchen Cabinetry Last? 

How long your kitchen cabinetry will last will depend on its overall level of quality as well as how securely it was installed. Some kitchen cabinetry will last years and years, only requiring some general maintenance here and there to keep it looking immaculate. However, some kitchen cabinetry will cost less to replace than to repair or maintain. The great news is that if you invest that little bit of extra money in buying very high-quality kitchen cabinetry, it should last you for close to 50 years!

  • Signs Your Kitchen Cabinetry Needs Replacing 

The first sign to look out for is water damage, especially if your kitchen cabinetry is made out of wood. Water damage can be difficult and costly to repair. If the wood has already started to warp, if there is significant mold growth or if it has begun changing color, it is usually a good idea to re-do the cabinetry from scratch.

Another reason to consider replacing your kitchen cabinetry is if they are no longer functioning as you would like them to. This does not necessarily mean that the cabinetry is falling apart – if its layout is simply not working for you or you just require more space for storage, this is a decent reason on its own to think about having it re-done. Custom cabinetry, in this instance, would definitely be a clever consideration.

Remember, when you reface cabinetry in order to save money or the inconvenience of having your Kitchen torn up for an extended period of time, you will still be left with what is usually a poor design, cabinetry that does not function or lay out well for you and your family’s lifestyle….and most importantly, you will still be left with old, squeaky drawers that are not full extension or do not fit properly as well.

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