What to Expect when Designing a Kitchen (Part 2)

December 21, 2014

In part one of this article we covered the first three considerations when embarking on a kitchen re-design: 

  1.    Choosing a kitchen design style or style combination
  2.    Figuring out the role of the kitchen for your family’s needs
  3.    Working out a budget based on facts and figures, and with a cushion built in


The next stage of the remodel involves the steps through to completion for your new kitchen. Again, when contracting with a reputable cabinetry design company, the time it takes to complete a project, and the ease and care of each stage, is significantly more successful when using seasoned professionals.

The Actual Process
Once your kitchen has been demoed and the substructure is showing, from floor to ceiling, your contractor will put into place any "footprint" redesigns you’ve chosen with your designer. This is the time when electrical and plumbing changes are made.

Based on a time-scheduled calendar for all contractors involved, the following processes will take place:

  •    Electrician rewires for changes in appliances and lighting
  •    Plumber will reconfigure for any changes in water flow patterns/drainage
  •    General contractor puts up drywall and finishes ceiling, prepping for painter
  •    Painter primes and paints all visible surfaces, as well as any paint treatments
  •    Flooring is laid, grout filled, and sealed if necessary
  •    Cabinetry is installed and calibrated; hardware is installed
  •    Countertops and backsplash are installed and sealed at joints
  •    Appliances are installed and connected. Some appliances may be installed prior to other parts of the kitchen for ease of placement
  •    Lighting fixtures are installed for general areas, as well as, decorative lighting 

These steps are collaboratively scheduled and, at times, change in order of process.

Once the kitchen remodel is finished, it’s time to bring in the new kitchen set and accessories. The only thing left to do is thoroughly enjoy your brand new kitchen!