Wall Units

November 19, 2012

Wall units and Entertainment Centers are built for a variety of reasons and purposes. Often pre-fabricated furniture (mass produced) does not address the needs of the individual consumer or keep pace with this technology driven generation. The quantity and variety of audio and visual electronics and technological game systems that the average family owns demands a proper storage facility and entertainment center that allows for ease of use.

Wall units are not as likely to fall out of favor because of modern technology and the ever-changing design of electronic components. However, they too are individual in nature. If you are an avid reader or own an extensive collection, we can design the right type of wall units to house your books and collectibles and do them proud.

Wall Units: Functionality to Go

The beautiful thing about our entertainment centers and wall units is they are ready to go anytime you are. They are pieces of furniture that stand independently and can be moved whenever the mood strikes.

We build them to suit your taste and specific requirements and our diverse range of features include:

  • Built-in lighting
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Built-in, hidden speakers
  • Sophisticated bar storage

The Proof is in the Wall Unit Plan

When you sit down with us at the drawing board we delve into the specifics of your desires. We ask lots and lots of questions:

  • Have you an idea of the overall size: length and height?
  • What style have you considered: traditional, Mediterranean, modern?
  • Do you prefer stained wood, a painted finish or other high design finish?
  • Are you considering modular design with end units and matching pieces?

What you take away from this informative and fact-finding session is the level of knowledge and expertise that goes into every one of our projects. Our voluminous portfolio allows you to peruse many styles and finishes, and then tweak them to become your own personal design. You can take a style of kitchen cabinet or one of our custom built-in cabinetry designs and come up with a unique piece of furniture for your home. Throw in a great finish, some beautifully crafted knobs or pulls and you become the designer of your own furniture! There is no limit to your imagination and our skilled team of craftsmen.

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