Upcoming courses for kitchen and bath design professionals

May 30, 2016

As leading kitchen and bathroom design professionals, we always try to give designers and decorators the information they need to take their service offerings to the next level. Here are a few upcoming courses that you should consider attending:

Presentation standards II

When: 6 June at 1:00pm

As a designer or architect, you are often required to create professionally drafted drawings. This course will give you the practical knowledge and information you need so that you can enhance the details in your drawings with color as well as black and white. You will also learn about drafting 3D drawings, CAD and various software programs that are currently being used in the kitchen and bath design industry. The course will be presented by Margaret Krohn, CKD, ASID. Register here.

2020 V10 Fast Track Kitchen & Bath Design 

When: 14 June at 12:00

This is a brand new course that will teach you the shortcuts of creating a bath or kitchen design using 2020 Design. The instructor, Morton Block (CMKBD, IIDA, CAPS) will show you how to overcome kitchen design problems and navigate the display settings of 2020 Design. Register here.

2020 V10 Webinar Lighting and Tile  

When: 14 June at 3:30pm

Morton Block (CMKBD, IIDA, CAPS) is hosting a 60minute webinar for design professionals who use V10 but also want to get better at completing projects in 2020 Design. Attendees will learn how to create photo realistic renderings with accessories, wall tiles, floor tiles and lighting. You will also learn more about how color and lighting affects the quality of your renderings. Register here.

Ignite creativity 

When: 15 June at 12:00

Paula Kennedy (CMKBD) will be discussing where design professionals get their creativity from and how they can go about cultivating more creativity as well as overcoming any blocks in creativity. By investigating thought patterns, inspiration and motivation, she will show you how to make your creativity work for you. Register here.

Introduction to bath design 

When: 21 June at 12:00

David Newton (CMKBD) will be teaching the basics of residential plumbing systems, bath products and how to plan bathrooms. You will also learn what questions you should be asking clients when looking to redesign their bathroom. Register here.

Tips by HomeAdvisor: Lead generation keys to success

When: 22 June at 12:00

Maria Vornovitsky (HomeAdvisor) will be tackling lead generation challenges that many designers face and show you how you can boost your online profile to win more jobs. Register here.

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