Transform Your Garage into a Stylish Movie Theater with Custom Cabinetry!

August 5, 2019

Do you have extra room in your garage? Have you always wanted a stylish, luxury movie theater? Transforming your garage into a stylish movie theater can help you to enjoy movies, sports, and gaming at your convenience. It’s family fun for all! The transformation of your garage can sometimes be hard work if you don’t have the right resources at your disposal. We have created a quick guide on custom cabinetry for your new garage movie theater.


  • Tips for Transforming Your Garage into a Stylish Movie Theater


If you receive permission from your body corporate, landlord, or whoever else is in charge of remodeling decisions to convert a garage into occupied space, you will probably have to remove and frame in the garage door opening. Discuss the change with a real-estate agent before beginning, as this conversion may lower the value of your home. 


  • Built-In Cabinetry 


Install cabinetry and wall units for storage of gaming consoles and games, video systems and movies, and blankets. A movie theater isn’t a movie theater without popcorn and snacks! For an added touch, purchase a home popcorn maker and place it on the cabinet or shelves so that you can give your guests fresh movie popcorn whenever they come to visit your garage home theater. 


  • Wall Units for Entertainment Centers


A wall unit entertainment center is a wonderful choice when your main goal is to conserve space in your movie theater. It can be just as stunning on its own but will fit in seamlessly with your other furniture – without needing to move things around.

The TV is the focal point of your entertainment center, so we make sure that it has plenty of space and that it is surrounded by lots of gorgeous cabinetry and interesting design elements.

Wall units are needed for your speaker placement and acoustic needs. Engineers can design a speaker’s cabinetry to deliver the best quality sound. You will reduce the sound quality by adding housing. Try to avoid ceiling speakers and opt for surround sound from the sides and back of the media room. This ensures that you receive the best sound as the human ear receives sounds more naturally coming from the sides than from above.

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. for Custom Cabinetry

Find a local provider who specializes in home theater design. Of course, if you’re near our West Palm Beach showroom, Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. is happy to help! Expect to pay an affordable cost for a range of professional designs. It’s money well-spent to ensure that you’re getting the right layout and equipment for the room.

Once you have a great design, you can jump back into picking out the equipment, furniture, and decor. An entertainment center makes a huge statement as the focal point of your décor; typically holding a prominent place in the room. When contracting with Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. you are assured that your entertainment center will be outstanding in design, construction, and aesthetics.

Schrapper’s undertakes all projects:

  • New construction,
  • Remodeling, and
  • Facelifts.

Sometimes a little updating is all an entertainment unit needs, while other times what is truly needed is a complete redesign.

No matter what size the project, the Schrappers Fine Cabinetry, Inc. team of quality craftsmen comes to your aid to build a beautiful, stylish movie theater. Contact us today for custom cabinetry and entertainment centers in West Palm Beach or custom cabinets in West Palm Beach