Top 5 Reasons To Consider A Kitchen Remodel

February 15, 2022

Is 2022 going to be the year you treat yourself to a new kitchen? Maybe you have been playing with the idea of remodeling your kitchen for some time but have never been able to justify committing the time and resources to such a big task. True, it is a big decision – one that you shouldn’t make lightly. If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel, consider the following five factors. If most or all of these apply to the current status of your kitchen, perhaps the time has come to go for it.


Your kitchen is one of the most important ways to make an impression on guests. It is also the one room in the house where the entire family tends to congregate most often – even more so than the living room. It makes sense to make your kitchen as beautiful as possible – a place to welcome your family and guests in elegance and style. If your kitchen is starting to look dated and worn, you owe it to yourself to make that investment.

Lifestyle: It’s The Heart of Your Home

The old approach to kitchen building was to make it a functional space kept separate from the rest of the home – certainly not a place for gathering or entertaining. That is certainly no longer the case, and most kitchens are built with space, flow and integration in mind. The modern kitchen opens up onto the dining room and/or living room, and includes areas where people can sit and socialize. Perhaps your kitchen could do with being opened up to the rest of the house, making it more welcoming and integrating with the rest of the home.

Save Time, Make Your Kitchen Work for You

Considering the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, it should be an efficient and functional space that allows for ease of movement. Everything should be arranged in a logical and practical way that allows for a sensible and convenient workflow. If you were to assess the layout and ergonomic design of your kitchen now, how well do you think it would score? Perhaps it is time for a new kitchen with a fresh layout.

Take Advantage of New Technology

The design of kitchen appliances advances every year. Ovens cook faster and are easier to control. Induction stoves and refrigerators with sliding doors increase the efficiency and convenience of kitchens. A remodel can incorporate new technology that will update your kitchen, making it more efficient and more enjoyable to use.

Value: It’s an Investment, Not An Expense

A brand new kitchen increases your home’s value. If you decide to sell your house, a refurbished kitchen will be a major factor in a successful sale. It makes the house more marketable and makes a great impression on potential buyers. Whatever you spend on the remodel can definitely be recouped when you close the sale.

If you decide to go ahead with a kitchen remodel this year, get Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry involved. We supply and install quality kitchen cabinetry and kitchen countertops, and can help you plan and build the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today.