Today’s Bathrooms: Cozy Comes to Mind

June 2, 2014

bathroom cabinetry design

Bathrooms used to be cold, heartless places, but no more. Today’s interior designers understand that while bathrooms may not be the heart of the home as the kitchen is, a respectable amount of time is spent there and therefore, they should be a little more cozy.

Gone are the rigid, stark verticals and hard surfaces with only a fuzzy mat and matching toilet cover to buffer the echo. Modern times call for modern amenities and bathrooms have finally gotten a long overdue upgrade as we’ve moved forward into this millennium.

New Age Bathroom Checklist
When undergoing a bathroom redesign your checklist is important. Whatever you didn’t have before to make this room functional and enjoyable should be at the top of the list. Before decorative elements, an overview of these items bears looking at:

  •    Blueprint. Does each element of this room function maximally or do you need to reconfigure the floor plan for optimal space efficiency?
  •    Enough is Enough. Do you have enough electrical outlets, lighting, drawer and cupboard space? Remember, this is your new millennium bathroom!
  •    Til the End of Time. The chance of you doing this renovation again within the next decade and a half is slim. Double and triple check your needs and wants list to make sure eveything’rs been covered.

Time to Get Cozy

Now that all of the essentials have been reviewed, here’s a list of the fun and ambient ways to cozy up your bath:

  •    Hard surface flooring can be warmed in two ways: install hydronic or electric under floor heating systems, or place a gorgeous area rug that was never intended for a bathroom. They are classier and add much to your space.
  •    Window treatments such as side panels, valances and draperies each have their place, depending on the type of window and natural light requirements.
  •    Your lighting will be softer when you choose fixtures with fabric shades.
  •    And the piece de resistance, the accessories, should be fluffy, good quality bath linens in complimentary shades of your color palette.