The Outdoor Kitchen: A Way of Life

May 5, 2014


If you live in a cold climate the thought of eventually being outdoors without wearing an overcoat and boots may be the only thing keeping you from jumping on a plane and heading south, as winter seems to be dragging her fee. The idea of dining outdoors is additional bait for many. Who doesn’t like to dine al fresco? In Florida, and other southern destinations, outdoor dining is a way of life. 

Whether dining under the stars or gathered under a fan-cooling gazebo, outdoor kitchens have become a part of the everyday eating experience for many. You can always cook inside and carry it out, but there’s something about actually cooking outdoors on an open grille and seeing the greenery of the landscape, dotted with trees, flowers and shrubbery. It’s mesmerizing and tranquilizing, and it makes you feel as if you’re on vacation.

Kitchen Materials Commune with Nature
The variety of outdoor kitchen cabinetry styles is as bountiful as indoor kitchens, but when you see the pale and medium shades of various woods, whose cousins stand in the distance, trees that mirror their beginnings, it has an organic feel beyond the indoor kitchen. The wood materials are treated and weather well, however, stainless steel cabinetry is also a wonderful choice.

Fieldstone walls, patterned brick and terrazzo floors, and tray ceilings made of slatted planks washed with neutral colors, are all about nature. Stainless appliances, compliant with outdoor building standards, reflect the subtle shadows of grey, beige and brown. Some of our outdoor kitchens are completely open, while others sport a garage or paneled door. Others are softly surrounded by screen enclosures. Regardless of the defining structure, they stand out against the backdrop of your home, beacons for luxurious picnics.

Eating outside in this ambient surrounding is peaceful and conducive to a slower paced dining experience. This is one place where a fly in the soup won’t be a reason to get excited!