The Kitchen Round Table: Family Stories Month

November 29, 2013

Kitchen Table Stories November is known as Family Stories Month, and what better place to enjoy a new or continued tradition than around the kitchen table. Americans are the first to admit that family values have been a little challenged as extracurricular activities and high tech media has fast become a routine disruption during family mealtime.

Because the kitchen has always been the hub of the family home, the evening meal has traditionally been the time and place where the entire family comes together to reunite after a busy day, and to encourage conversation and sharing among family members. Family Stories Month is a time to reinvent family time and, perhaps, start a new tradition in your family’s home.

Four Funtastic Story-Month Ideas!
It’s so easy to become wrapped up in iPads and smart phones, however, a new trend of no texting at the table may just bring back some floundering interfamily relationships. Here are some fun ideas for you to try.

  • A couple of times a week, when the family has no immediate plans, have each child take a turn to bring their favorite book to the table. Every member of the family gets a turn to read a page. The book circulates until finished.
  • Write your own family story! Again, by taking turns, each family member adds his or her part of the story continuing from what the last person said. This can get a little crazy and is a lot of fun to read back once complete. Be sure to write it all down!
  • Make a list of books you’d like to read and vote on one. Take a trip to the library and begin reading right after the evening meal dishes have been cleared away.
  • After reading a book, ask each person in the family (invited guests, too) to write a different ending. Vote for your favorite and best ending wins no kitchen duty for the next week!

The kitchen is a warm and wonderful place to start your new family traditions. Family Stories Month just might turn November into your favorite month!