The Great Outdoors: Near and Afar

May 3, 2013

Schrapper’s loves helping people enjoy the great outdoors in their own backyard! The selection of appliances and variety of choices of materials grows every year. Recently, in the April edition of Elle Décor magazine what was highlighted (as laid back and as wonderful as outdoor dining) was their article on sunrooms and screened porches.

These are strictly dining areas with no appliances, yet the merging of the interior and exterior spaces is so incredibly calming and serene that you probably won’t mind a quick trip to your Schrapper’s fully designed outdoor kitchen to bring out the second course!

Away from Home

Are you among the hundreds of thousands who enjoy picnics and eating in the great outdoors? Our friends to the North look forward to summer to participate, but those in Florida and other southern states partake all year round. It’s a good idea to brush up on your food safety tips, though, as summer temperatures rise well into the 90s and often reach the low 100s.

Whether you’re boating, biking or hiking, it is always important to pay attention to the safe storage of food in hot weather. Consider these tips for your next adventure:

  •   Keep your cooler closed. This may seem the most obvious of all the tips, however, many get sidetracked and only realize that the cooler is open long after the ice has started melting and the food is warming up.
  •   Maintain the cold temperature. Try using both icepacks and cubes, checking your cooler to replenish as needed. You can tote a second cooler filled with bags of ice as your backup system.
  •   Guard against cross-contamination. If you’re planning on grilling raw meats, make sure your raw and cooked foods are stored separately. You do not want to risk getting sick on fruits and veggies that have been sitting in the juices of raw meat.

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design wishes you safe dining and happy trails!