The Bold and the Beautiful: The Built-In

June 27, 2013

Typically speaking, well designed, quality pieces of furniture fill the rooms of most homes. However, there are times when it is a challenge to find the right size or style of furniture for a particular room. This is when it’s time to consider consulting with Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design to construct the perfect built-in cabinetry for the room in question.

Built-ins are known to improve the value of your property, the reason being that they are affixed to the structure and become integral to that room and therefore to the house. Additionally, they are architectural statements – leasehold improvements that enhance and add greater charm along with increasing value.

The Schrapper’s Approach to Built-Ins
Schrapper’s design team is fully educated in CAD renderings. What this means for you is an approach that leaves nothing to the imagination (a good thing when it comes to interior design and the creation of new concepts). A first draft leads to technical drawings that give you details, dimensions and unique design.

Innumerable Applications: The Built-In Wow Factor
Built-ins are not limited to living room and family room entertainment centers. They are so much more than this. Consider the following applications:

  •   Powder rooms and bathrooms. When space is limited a built-in makes use of every nook and cranny.
  •   Bedrooms, dens, offices and libraries. In the bedroom they can free up space for comfortable sitting areas, while in offices, den and libraries they assist in bringing a relaxed yet productive angle to a house.
  •   Kitchens, dining rooms, pantries and entrances. While each room is utilized in a separate manner, they all benefit from well-designed built-in cabinetry. Dishes, canisters and objets d’arts are housed in a solid structure that speaks of longevity and stability.

These practical yet beautiful structures are worthwhile investments that initially start out as a much needed part of your room. The return on investment is a big, beautiful, built-in bonus!