Switch On – To Spectacular Kitchen Lighting

April 2, 2015

The only constant is change, and the numerous ways to showcase the amazing light bulb continue to dazzle designers and homeowners every season.

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design diligently keeps up with the changing times, which means that not only do their cabinetry designs portray all that is new and trending, but their hardware, countertops and lighting choices, as well.

2015 Lighting Solutions: A Different Shade of Gold
Metal finishes have been the mainstay for kitchen and bath lighting for decades, however, the past 12 months have shown that pink gold finishes are charming consumers in several areas of design: 

  •   Lighting Fixtures
  •   Cabinetry Hardware
  •   Jewelry and Fashion Accessories 

From delicate neck pendants to pendant lamps, the ethereal pink gold finish has burst onto the design scene, switching up the bright gold and antique gold finishes that we already know so well, to a light of a different color.

Mix and Match Your Fixtures’ Metals

A few decades ago the flatware designers highlighted smartly designed chrome finished stainless cutlery with gold trims and accents. Lighting fixtures quickly followed. Yet mixing and matching doesn’t necessarily mean on the same item. It is very chic to use two different metals in the same room, such as brushed gold bathroom chandelier with high polished chrome sink and tub fixtures.

Different and Dreamy


Ironies’ "Crosshatch Pendant" floats in a cloud-like state, with an interesting crosshatch design of bamboo reeds, finished in frosted resin. The techno-romantic confection of a light goes beyond, in style and lighting effect
The United Nations International Year of Light

This year, 2015, has been declared the International Year of Light, which focuses on the fact that, "Lighting provides safety and security, provides access to education, enhances architecture, and improves quality of life," as is mentioned on the organization’s site.

Light fixtures have the ability to shine a light on tasks, mellow a mood and create daylight when night falls. Whether the sun is going down or coming up, 2015 light solutions are brightening kitchens across the country.