Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath…

February 17, 2014

Bath Fixtures and Design

Until Kohler introduced the Moxie Bluetooth-Enabled Showerhead, that is! Sure, baths and spa tubs are luxurious and a comforting part of bathroom self-pampering basics, but these showerheads are at the tippy-top of the heap. In fact, Kohler won the prestigious Silver Award from the good people at International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) this past year (2013). 

What is so amazing about this showerhead is that it easily swaps out with your current one, allowing for an invigorating shower while you belt out your favorite tune; all with no down time. A seven hour charge will outlast the amount of hot water in your tank as you receive the early morning news delivered before going off to work, or the latest Arcade Fire tune for your kids after football practice and before going off to bed.

Showering the Industry with the Latest
Showers and tubs alike have morphed into standout players of the bathroom. While bathtubs have taken a bit of the backstage to showers, they are still holding their own, as stand alone tubs explore newer forms with taller sides and sculpted shapes. Showers have stopped delineating where they begin or end – curb free (more drainage required), or barrier flooring, the latest feature, minimizing water in the general bathroom area.

Expect to see more non-slip materials available for damp areas such as:


  • Riven Slate Tiles. Great anti-slip properties.
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles. There are many companies selling hundreds of choices.
  • Anti-Slip Treatments. Ask your floor installer for their recommendations.


Bathrooms have become a personal oasis for many. Fixtures, flooring and fine cabinetry each have an abundance of options: colors, style and features, which beckon to every member of your household. You may find yourself coaxing your youngsters out of the shower instead of begging them to take a bath!

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