Small Bathroom Ideas that Put a Smile on Your Face

June 25, 2015

Bathroom Design When you look in your bathroom mirror, we want you to see yourself smiling back! It’s easy to modify a bathroom design that feels cramped and overly small. With a few fun touches, your petit room can become a tiny oasis that seems bigger and better.

The interesting thing about smaller bathrooms and the idea that you need to keep everything white and plain is that color and design can play a very big part in your makeover, without minimizing size.

Color Me Fabulous!

White tile is no longer considered to be the only choice. Shades of every color are showing up in tiny water closets, and they look great! It is the application of color that needs to be addressed. By using several tones of one color, you can open up your room and feel spaciousness that wasn’t there before.

Create Space: Illusion Tips for Small Bathrooms – There are a few things to open up your bath without breaking down walls. Consider these ideas:

  •    Run floor tile on the diagonal. This gives the illusion of flooring stretching out farther than it actually does.
  •    Leave your shower curtain open. Your bathtub space opens up by several square feet when the shower curtain is pulled back to one side to reveal the tub. Use a decorative hook to complete the larger look.
  •    Create additional light through mirrors. By adding mirrors to opposite walls, or applying mirror to cabinetry doors and bathtub facades, you can create a brighter room and the illusion of more space.

Creating more space in a small bathroom does not mean going the utilitarian route. It’s more about creatively extending flow patterns, lessening items that block views, and being very selective of colors, patterns, fixtures and textiles.

By staying away from contrasting colors, and going with tone on tone fabrics that are less textured and airier, your bathroom will have the illusion of a larger space.

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