Six Savvy Tips when Planning Your Kitchen Pantry

January 29, 2013

A pantry can be organized regardless if it is a brand new kitchen or a redesign. The variety of storage options is staggering and no matter what size or configuration you are dealing with, your pantry can hold more stock than it currently does.

Tip #1 Use a Tape Measure
Before purchasing any shelving or storage bins be sure to take proper measurements and write everything down.

Tip #2 Assess Your Current Pantry
Make a list of what works and what needs to be improved. When you write it down it creates a blueprint of what needs to be accomplished.

Tip #3 Be Specific when Calculating Your Pantry Space
You can never be too specific when figuring out what goes where. Calculate every inch and you will surprise yourself with how organized your pantry can be and how much it can hold.

Tip #4 Extendible Shelving
Whether you have installed new cabinetry or are updating the old, using shelving that extends from the existing surface increases visibility and storage space. You will never have to search again for that little jar of mustard that slid to the back of the cabinet. These shelves come in a variety of materials and many different sizes.

Tip #5 Rollout Drawers and Pullout Cabinets
These types of systems maximize visibility as you can view pantry items from the front and both sides. They’re also great for pots and pans storage and other kitchen utensils. Invest in solid construction and quality hardware for years of use.

Tip #6 Store Your Step Stool
Not everybody is tall. For this reason your new kitchen design should have a special storage place for a step stool close to the pantry. A deep drawer or the lower section of your pantry works well. This is a time saver and huge convenience.

Once you have drafted your new pantry design, review it with an impartial eye prior to construction.