Shower Stall or Bathtub: Where Do You Stand (or Sit)?

July 25, 2013

showers and bath Considering how the dimensions of bathrooms have increased as houses have grown to gigantic proportions, you really don’t need to pick a side – there’s room for both! Bathrooms have gained popularity in the household hierarchy as they now offer so much more than a sink, tub and commode.

For starters, walk into today’s modern bathroom and take a gander at the luxury and degree of pampering that can be found:

  • Tubs that boast bubbles galore as multiple jets whip up and aerate scented foamy bubble bath products.
  • Bidets for the ultimate in personal hygiene.
  • Showers that both cascade and propel invigorating jet streams of climate controlled water, targeting your tired muscles.

Shower Advocates
The Greeks were the first to use showers, however, standing under cascading water from natural waterfalls has gone on since the beginning of time. The pluses for showering are many:

  • Some believe that it’s a cleaner alternative to bathing
  • Taking a shower is not as time consuming as taking a bath
  • On average a shower consumes less water than a filled bathtub
  • Advocates point out that a shower is energizing in the morning and calming at the end of the day

Bathtub Advocates

Historically, bathing in a tub started as far back as 1000 BC, although indicators of indoor plumbing date back even farther, to 3300 BC. Bathing is used for personal cleanliness, rituals and healing. The fact that bathtubs have been constructed out of every material imaginable and undergone extreme design changes shows the level of allegiance of its diehard advocates.

The popularity of the bathtub, throughout its many design phases, has never waned, and the very fact that most bathrooms contain both a shower-stall and a bathtub indicates that people are not ready to rule out either one.

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