Ready for A Change? Focus on Kitchen Cabinets, Hobe Sound

A change is as good as a holiday, right? Well, one of the most effective changes you can make to your Hobe Sound home is to update your kitchen. And it does not have to blow your down-to-a-dime-post-festive-season-start-of-the-new-year-budget either. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. gives us the lowdown on how to spruce up your home by focusing on the kitchen cabinets.

Acquaint Yourself with Paint

So, other than the fact that you are bored with your kitchen, you do like the style of your cabinets and they are functioning well? Well then, paint is your friend. Choose a color that complements your kitchen and get ready to go from “ow” to “wow”! There are many options to choose from! Why not mix up colors on the upper and lower cabinets? Why not go as far as mixing up the colors on your cabinets and islands?

A fresh kitchen is just a few days’ elbow grease away. If you’re going it alone without the help of a contractor, keep these tips in mind:

  • Lighter-colored paints will make your kitchen seem bigger,
  • Prep work is important! Don’t skip on it. Thoroughly clean the cabinet doors to remove grease and dirt; fill holes or nicks with wood putty, then sand,
  • Sand each coat of paint so your final coat will look perfect,
  • Lay doors flat to paint. Remember, light and even coats are the keys to a successful paint job, and
  • Practice patience! Wait until each side is completely dry before painting the other side and you will be rewarded with smooth finishes – no ugly drip marks.

Add Glass Door Inserts

Save some serious cash and reface your kitchen cabinet doors. Refacing your cabinets costs about 20% of what replacing them would cost. Plus, it’s a project you can do yourself over a weekend without sacrificing the use of your kitchen. You can really let your creativity shine through – no need to stick to plain clear glass. You can choose from options like etched, fluted, crackled, colored or patterned glass.

Stick It to the… Kitchen Cabinet

Another cost-effective opinion is veneers to add a completely new look to your kitchen. Some manufactures offer peel-and-stick veneer to make the task simpler. Like the adage goes – just be sure to measure twice and cut once! Work carefully, and your kitchen will look brand-new in no time.

Did I Hear Someone Say Chicken?

Granted, this will only work in traditional, country styled kitchens. But have you considered replacing kitchen cabinet door fronts with kitchen wire? You can literally transform oak or pine cabinets into a dream farmhouse kitchen by not only lightening the space but also giving it a unique personality.

Out with The Old in With the New

Why not swap out your old, boring hardware? Fitting new knobs and pulls is one of the quickest fixes for sprucing up your kitchen cabinets. Browse for new options at your local big-box store, craft markets, at handcrafted glass or metal shops or from specialty retailers. To save time and money, replace 1-hole hardware with 1-hole upgrades; 2-hole with 2-hole. That way, you won’t need to drill or patch.

Discard the Doors

Ok, granted. This may not be what you had in mind when we said “focus” on the kitchen cabinets? But think about it. By converting your cabinets to open shelving, you can really lighten up a heavy, closed-off kitchen. The secret is to fill the newly-opened shelves with the items you use often.

Don’t forget to call on the specialists in Hobe Sound for guidance, whether it is for a complete kitchen remodel or advice on the latest trends. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. has an award-winning team at hand that shares your vision. Contact us today.