Outdoor Kitchens Palm Beach Gardens

When your city boasts twelve golf courses as well as being home to the PGA, you know you should be making the most of your outdoor lifestyle because the weather is on your side. The Gardens’ citizens enjoy some of the best weather in America all year around, making leisure time and entertaining a breeze. If you own a property in The Gardens, you should consider installing an outdoor kitchen to make the most of your outdoor entertaining.

People have always loved to gather in the kitchen, but here in sunny Florida, that should be your outdoor kitchen. Gone are the days of pulling up a few lawn chairs and rolling out the barbecue -today’s trend is a party-ready, fully equipped outdoor kitchen that has all the necessities and luxuries that your indoor one has.

These spaces have now evolved from cinder block and tile to the most sophisticated weather resistant cabinetry and beautiful granite countertops coupled with state-of-the-art appliances that blend seamlessly to create a cohesive, elegant ‘outdoor room’.  Stainless steel is a big trend now as it easily handles whatever the environment throws at it, looks fantastic and is easy to clean.

Meticulous planning is required so that this space flows and has all the right ergonomics and aesthetics you need. Don’t hold back on installing gadgets like pull-out trash bins and under-counter wine coolers - this is going to become your most used entertaining space.

Design ideas for your outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen area provides plenty of room for innovation. There is no need to use any particular template; you can design a beautiful kitchen and entertainment area of which you can be proud, making innovative use of the various elements at your disposal. Here are some design ideas to help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor kitchens Palm Beach Gardens
Palm Beach Gardens Outdoor kitchens

Customize your outdoor kitchen

There is a wide variety of standard options available for outdoor kitchen areas. You could, if you wanted, set up a simple barbeque area, but why stop there? You can build an outdoor kitchen that provides all the amenities of your indoor kitchen, including multiple cooking areas (barbeque, pizza oven, rotisserie, etc.), fridges and wine coolers, plenty of counter space, and ample, beautifully designed cabinetry.

Consider flow and function as you plan your layout

When planning your outdoor kitchen area, it is vital to divide it up into functional areas and lay them out to allow a smooth workflow between them. Your kitchen will consist of hot zones (ovens, barbeques), cold zones (fridges, coolers, freezers), wet zones (sinks, etc.) and dry zones (counter space, cabinetry). You will also want a separate entertainment area with seating for your guests. Coordinate these zones carefully and think about how each needs to flow into the other to maximize your outdoor kitchen experience.

Incorporate outdoor elements

The biggest attraction of your outdoor kitchen is that it is… well… outdoors. There is no point in building the same kind of kitchen you would have inside your home. Think about how you can make your kitchen an integral part of your yard - and vice versa. Incorporate hanging and plants or vines. Install container gardens in which you can grow herbs and vegetables to include in your cooking. You could even include fountains and water features, or a fire pit.

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is the company to take your outdoor kitchen dreams and turn them into a functional reality. This is where your family and friends will gather and enjoy memorable meals and gatherings together for years to come. And if the time comes to move on, you can be sure that the addition or renovation of an outdoor kitchen will significantly add to your property’s value and desirability. Contact the team today.