Outdoor Kitchens in Jupiter, FL

With the average winter temperature in Jupiter, FL, at 74 degrees, snow is just about impossible. The last time snow fell in South Florida was in 1977! It is no wonder then that residents of Jupiter enjoy Palm Beach County’s 50-mile shoreline, 81 parks offering over 8,000 acres of land for exploration by bicycle, boat, foot, or horseback, and 160 golf courses and 1,000 tennis courts. Another way to take full advantage of this balmy climate is with an outdoor kitchen.

Where to start

Let’s face it, an outdoor living space is a glorious luxury.  That needn’t, however, mean that it is out of reach of your budget. A good way to start the process of creating your outdoor kitchen is to draw up a list of items you would like to have – from a pizza oven to a bar area. Next, read through your list, and mark the items as either necessities or nice-to-haves. This prioritized list will be a foundation from which you can start planning your design and tweaking your budget. This design checklist will guide you further.

What to look for

Many popular inclusions in an outdoor living space include a grill or gas cooktop, a pizza oven, compact refrigerators and stainless steel cabinets, a sink, an island and custom countertops, a bar, and dining space.

Pay careful attention to your walls and ceiling (or lack thereof). Plumbing, electrical and gas lines need to be carefully planned for maximum functionality and minimum expense. Planning for later additions from your nice-to-have list should be done at the outset of the project.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends

If you are at a crossroads and ready to maximize the use of your outdoor living space and considering an outdoor remodel, you will want to incorporate these outdoor kitchen design trends into your plan:

Outdoor Kitchen Design

1. Customize your outdoor living experience

More than a basic barbecue grill, your outdoor kitchen may include storage for dishes, a cooktop, wet bar, sink, refrigerator, ice maker, or even a pizza oven. If you prefer using the same amenities outdoors as you do indoors, you could also consider customized options—all to enhance your Florida lifestyle. Smartly designed, customizable essentials can bring hours of outdoor enjoyment to your family and friends.

2. Use functional zones when designing your outdoor kitchen

A critical part of planning your outdoor kitchen is considering the workflow and relationship between the different functional zones. Outdoor living demands that all activities happen simultaneously, so be sure to consider traffic flow and your cooking style in the design process. There should be ample space to work at each cooking station and flow between them easily. An outdoor kitchen is not only about cooking; it is also about entertaining. You will need to design an open, separate space for your guests to sit and eat; or chat with you as you cook. Consider multi-level countertops: The lower countertop can function as preparation space, while the upper countertop serves as an eating bar.

3. Incorporate nature

There is something primal about cooking outdoors. While considering a wide variety of outdoor cooking appliances, cabinetry, and countertops, incorporate organic elements into your design plan.

4. Fully-enclose your outdoor kitchen

If you prefer to use a secondary outdoor kitchen suitable for all weather conditions, a fully enclosed outdoor kitchen might be your best option. Design the enclosed living space to be an entertainment area, grilling station, or sunroom with an optional container-garden that can be closed off from your main home when not in use.

5. Weatherproof your cabinetry

Every outdoor kitchen element must consider weatherproofing in the design, particularly cabinetry, which is essential for protecting your food and appliances. Sleek, clean, stainless-steel cabinetry is not only stunningly beautiful, but they protect your food and kitchen appliances against moisture, pests, and rot.

6. Add outdoor kitchen lighting

Your outdoor kitchen should serve as a place to enjoy cooking and eating while entertaining friends and family. Furniture, throw pillows, and other decorative items can be used to complete the look, as well as specialty lighting. When designing your space, be sure to incorporate natural light into the space first, even the covered areas. Consideration should also be made to illuminate preparation areas with ambient light or create a cozy ambiance and low-volume illumination with under-cabinetry lights.

7. Seat your guests accordingly

Generous, inclusive, and comfortable seating is a must for any outdoor living space. If you have a usable space, you can add a more luxurious dining area with long tables and comfortable seating. Even the low walls that define the kitchen’s outer boundaries can be smoothed and padded for extra seating. A popular trend we are seeing is built-in wall seating or decorative masonry designed for social gatherings.

For an outdoor kitchen design that combines performance with style for your Jupiter, Florida home, your best move is to contact the team at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc.