This Is Not Just About Kitchen Design in North Palm Beach

Despite the heading, this is a tale of three lovely ladies from North Palm Beach.


At 54.2, North Palm Beach has a median age 27% higher than the rest of Florida. Beth may have helped bring that average up, but her age has not reduced the quality or quantity of her baking. As a renowned pastry chef in her youth, Beth still lovingly bakes for a nearby coffee shop. Her standards remain high, and she demands a kitchen that can keep up with her needs. What Beth doesn’t want, though, is too much squatting or climbing of ladders to access the contents of her cabinets.

Beth’s requirements:

  • Easily accessible cabinetry.
  • A comfortable place for the clients of her baking business to relax and do tastings.
  • A traditional ambience, yet innovative design.


Kerry is Beth’s daughter. Like 50.4% of the population of North Palm Beach, she is happily married and close to the 1.97 average household size now that her children have left the nest. Kerry is, has always been, and probably will always be a driven career woman. It is not often that she does not have her eye on the markets and her phone at her ear. Despite her mother’s talents, it is safe to say that Kerry is not a natural cook.

Kerry’s requirements:

  • Space for a state-of-the-art coffee maker.
  • An area where she can work at her computer while in the kitchen.
  • A distraction free look.


Beth’s granddaughter, Jessica, is a vibrant young thing who is obsessed with staying healthy and fit. Not only does she run five miles a day in John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, but she insists on preparing her own nutritious meals. Having a kitchen designed to accommodate the equipment she needs to house – from juicers to spiralizers to smoothie blenders – is vital to Jessica’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica’s requirements:

  • Lots of light.
  • Sufficient storage space for her gadgets.
  • Compost and recycling space.

One requirement that they all have in common: the cabinetry workmanship must be immaculate and able to stand the test of time.

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc.

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