Kitchen Design in West Palm Beach

The climate in West Palm Beach is described as “tropical rainforest” with mean temperatures in all months above 64.4 °F, and an annual average precipitation of 63 inches. One of the best ways to combat this hot and steamy environment is to prepare light meals and ice cold drinks in your kitchen.

Mix it up

Whether you prefer a traditional kitchen design, a contemporary style, or a transitional design to keep your options open, your kitchen is very often the nucleus of the home. It is the production house for the nutrients that sustain your family. For many, it is the hub of communication – from serious conversations to light-hearted banter between friends.

To stamp your personality on this center of your home life, you can play with various styles. Using a design checklist to maintain your focus, the colors you choose, the hardware options, the flooring materials, and the architectural accents you want to enhance can all be incorporated into a custom design that truly reflects your own lifestyle.

Transitional Kitchen

Keep it classy

Because your kitchen is the heart of your home, renovating it, no matter how extraordinary the end result, can be rather stressful for some.

For that reason, it is essential to select the finest quality materials and precision craftsmanship possible. When investing in kitchen cabinetry, being fully informed about the key components and structural elements brings peace of mind. Access to comprehensive spec sheets that delineate the properties of each item helps you to make wise and long-lasting purchasing decisions.

West Palm Beach residents have high expectations, and the installation of your chosen kitchen cabinetry needs to be timely and undertaken by knowledgeable professionals. A lifetime warranty on all interior cabinetry of your home is a reassuring commitment from kitchen designers.

Types of Kitchen Design Layouts

The way in which to choose to lay out of your kitchen has a massive effect on the functionality and aesthetic of its overall design. It is also important to choose a kitchen design layout that fits in with your home and lifestyle. With this in mind, here are a few different types of kitchen design layouts to consider:

Kitchen Design in West Palm Beach

  • Galley Kitchen
    If the goal is to maximize your space and increase your kitchen’s functionality, then a galley kitchen layout is a top choice. Most galley kitchens, also known as walk-through kitchens, have two parallel walls and a walk-through space in the middle. Some larger kitchens may have a work space surface or island in the center of the kitchen as well. The great thing about galley kitchens is that you will not have to worry about having corner kitchen cabinetry designed.
  • Horseshoe Kitchen
    Also known as a U-shaped kitchen, it is exactly that – a kitchen layout in a U or horseshoe shape. This type of kitchen usually has three walls that have been filled with cabinetry and appliances. It works best when you have lots of space to work with. A horseshoe kitchen is a good choice if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and also want additional work surfaces.
  • Peninsula Kitchen
    Peninsula kitchen layouts are also known as G-shaped kitchens. They generally feature an island that has been connected to a U-shaped kitchen design in order to create a convenient extra work space.
  • One-Wall Kitchen
    This type of kitchen design layout fits in perfectly in studio apartments or when you have a small kitchen space. It is the ideal layout for one-cook kitchens. One-wall kitchens can simply be lengthened if you would like to apply this layout to a larger kitchen.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen
    L-shaped kitchen layouts are similar to U-shaped kitchen layouts, but instead of three sides, they feature two. Many L-shaped kitchens double up as dining rooms as there is usually plenty of space in the center for a dining room table or an island.

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