Kitchen Design in Palm Beach

With a year-round population of 10,468, and an estimated seasonal population of 30,000, Palm Beach certainly is a town in flux. Eateries on The Island are no exception, and during peak season it can be prudent to stay in to avoid the crowds. Having a fully-fitted kitchen is therefore a necessity.

“The best of everything”

Not only is this the motto of Palm Beach, but it also applies to the quality and workmanship expected in a kitchen design. Discerning Palm Beach homeowners pay close attention to the project details, and custom-made cabinetry produces the highest caliber result.

Whether a new build or remodeling, the design of your kitchen needs to be well thought-out. Kitchen spaces are so much more than simply a place to prepare meals. Yes, kitchens need to be functional, but they are so often also home to family gatherings, meaningful conversations, and connections with friends. Selecting quality finishes ensures that your kitchen withstands these demands with ease.

Functional craftsmanship

The team at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc.  includes designers who are passionate about the value of a well-designed kitchen layout.  Everything from your cooking ingredients, sharpest knife, and wooden spoon needs to be handy and ready to go. In order to achieve this, the kitchen work triangle is used to effectively position your cooker, sink, and refrigerator. While the kitchen work triangle rules can be applied to most kitchen shapes, the idea is based around five layouts:

The L-Shaped kitchen

This kitchen shape features the fixtures and cabinetry in an L-shape against two walls, leaving a large open area. This layout makes the most of the available space, while still maximizing the use of corner spaces. This is a ‘closed’ layout that doesn’t allow much movement. It generally works best in a small area that needs an uncomplicated and practical design.

The Galley kitchen

This layout literally divides your fixtures and cabinetry in half, placed across two walls directly facing one another. Usually, you would set the stove on one side, with the sink and fridge on the other, and design your cabinetry layout around them. This is an even more closed design than the L-shape and is definitely not suitable for open-plan living, which has made it quite unpopular in recent years. It does work well in some homes – especially where the kitchen is placed in a small space with minimal room for movement and storage.

The U-shaped kitchen

The U-shape is perfect for large kitchen areas, offering workspaces and storage on three walls with plenty of room in the middle – and even the possibility of adding an island. This is a ‘best-of-all-worlds’ layout, giving you plenty of work and storage space, while also providing the option for that open area in the middle, which you can use as you see fit.

The Single-Wall kitchen

If you only have one wall to work with, you can create a beautiful kitchen that is also the most economical to build. All your fixtures, appliances, and cabinetry are literally placed against one wall, leaving the rest of the kitchen open. This is usually ideal for a small kitchen area, in both a closed room and an open-plan setting where the kitchen flows into a dining and/or living area.

The Island kitchen

Islands are trendy in contemporary kitchen designs. They can work in several layout options, including single-wall, U-shaped, or even G-shaped. The addition of an island is both a functional and aesthetic decision. These fixtures both add a central point of visual interest and offer more counter space for preparation and eating.

Stylish cabinetry

For a feel that is as unique as you are, select a custom design for your kitchen cabinetry. Whether you lean more towards a sleek contemporary style, or a cozy traditional feel, there is a kitchen for you.

For ingenious kitchen design and superior craftsmanship in Palm Beach, your best move is to contact the Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. team today.