Kitchen Cabinets in Stuart

The city of Stuart is one of the most beautiful places to live in the Sunshine State of Florida and on the Treasure Coast. Voted the happiest seaside town in America in 2016, Stuart is one of the most delightful examples of so-called ‘Old Florida’. It is a quaint world away from the high-rises and chaotic city life or nearby cities – a place where a relaxed, almost sleepy lifestyle is still possible. It’s all sunshine, sundresses, and flip-flops in Stuart. But make no mistake – Stuart is no hippy hideout. Style is what it is all about.

Homes in Stuart invite contemporary kitchens full of sunshine and laughter. Whether you are looking for a kitchen for a new home or a remodel, light and stylish kitchen cabinets are in order.

Contemporary Kitchens

Kitchen Cabinetry to Suit Any Style in Stuart

While it’s true that there are a lot of elements that go into making a beautiful kitchen, it’s your choice of cabinetry that sets the tone. It’s the first thing that catches anyone’s eye when they enter the room. And, it marks your kitchen as traditional, modern, rustic or contemporary.

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. creates kitchen cabinetry in a wide array of styles, looks and feels to suit every taste. We handle all the popular styles, including:


This simple, clean, understated design is probably the most popular choice. It is marked by its flat-paneled doors, natural wood finishes, and neutral colors.


Also seen in a large number of kitchens, louvered cabinetry can be identified by the trademark horizontal slats in the doors. This style offers additional ventilation and, therefore, also seems perfect for that seaside, vacation home look.


Unadorned and minimalistic, with flat, clean lines that accentuate the color and pattern of the paneling, this is the quintessential modern or contemporary style.


This can combine with all the other styles. It is simply a question of how the doors are positioned within the frames. In this case, they are inset into the frames rather than being hinged on the outside.


If you’re after a more antique look, we can use various distressing techniques to give your cabinetry that baroque, old-fashioned appearance.


The vertical boards inlaid into the doors on this style of cabinetry, with their distinctive “beads” running between them, create a visual dynamism that puts us in mind of rustic, farmhouse kitchens. It can also be used effectively on more modern-style kitchens, however.


Schrapper’s does something that no other company provides. Regardless of what level of cabinetry you choose, we always customize the cabinetry to fit exactly without charging the normal fees for customization.  This allows a far more polished custom look without the usual upcharges that become so punitive with typical custom cabinetry.

contemporary kitchen design Stuart florida

Contemporary kitchen cabinetry for relaxed seaside living

With a contemporary design, old and new go together like piano keys. But it’s more than just juxtaposition. There’s flavor, art, and character. There’s appreciation for the historical and the classical along playful use of the eclectic – often with an emphasis on soft angles, soft colors, and light woods.

Kitchen cabinets in contemporary new or remodeled kitchens are often made from light color solid woods or white-washed pine: perfect for that ‘beach-house’ look.

Old-world style in traditional kitchens

Looking for a kitchen design that is less arty and more traditional? No problem! Traditional kitchens with classic solid wood kitchen cabinets go just as well with sea-side living and may well suit an older home even better.

Whatever your taste, we can create the perfect custom kitchen cabinetry for your home in Stuart. We work closely with custom designers and with our clients to deliver the finest kitchen cabinets. At Schrapper’s, we have over 30 years’ experience working with builders, homeowners, and contractors, and we will work with you every step of the way. Contact our team for more information.

Traditional kitchen in Stuart