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Your home office in West Palm Beach is your sanctuary where you can pursue your intellectual, vocational, and relaxation goals in comfort. More and more people are becoming freelance workers or working from home, so it’s worth investing in that workspace. Whether you work from home or not, your home office space needs to be organized as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Wall coverings, window treatments, and flooring are important, but it’s the built-in cabinetry that is the cornerstone of a neat and beautiful home office space. The design and layout of your cabinetry are crucial to the workability of the space.

You need to start by prioritizing your needs:

  • Do you have thousands of books that need to be shelved?
  • Do you need workstations for every member of the family?
  • Are you looking for an area where you can work in solitude?
  • Or would you prefer to remain connected to the rest of the family and the household while working?

Once these needs are clear, it is time to design your home office along with the experts at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. You will be amazed at how we can transform your home office from a messy study to a cohesive, elegant, and ergonomically perfect space for work and relaxation.

You will enjoy the process of design and selection as you choose materials and finishes that will reflect your personal style and create a cohesive look with the rest of your home.

Current trends for home offices include the art of hiding wires – between laptops, desktops, printers, and other electronic devices, your desk can be a rat’s nest of cables – hiding these goes a long way toward the overall neatness of the office. Storage is important too because we want the home office to always look good, so a designated space for every item is crucial. Let’s have a look at some more popular home office trends.

Home office cabinetry

Home office design trends:

Fans of the metropolis’ ease and dynamics find the urban style a highly successful home office design solution. Simplicity, conciseness, and precise details are valuable ingredients of a recipe for focus and effective problem-solving. To design an office in this way, rely on the following techniques:

  • natural materials with an open, aged, or uneven texture—such as brickwork, untreated wood, and metal;
  • distinct angles and shapes of tables and chairs;
  • functional accessories for furnishing an office with a hint of vintage – typewriters, classic alarm clocks, book clips.

While modern trends in design desperately fight for their right to be called the most relevant of the season, the classic design style remains true to itself and does not lose in the number of admirers. A traditional home office with a similar design denotes elegance, respectability, and timeless luxury, which is achieved through always sought-after solutions:

  • symmetry and well-thought-out measured layout;
  • expressive textures, such as natural solid wood, leather, natural stone;
  • volumetric solid forms of furniture;
  • exquisite table and wall accessories.

Home Office Cabinetry

Home office desks trends:

A table as the primary work surface in a home office must meet two essential criteria—comfort and size sufficient to accommodate everything you may need on its surface. Depending on what you do in your home office, the following trendy desks might work: long wide tabletops without legs, mounted in a wall, closet, or window sill; console tables on thin metal bases; classic desks; traditional models with shelves and pull-out stands for a computer keyboard.

home office cabinetry

Home office lighting trends:

Getting the perfect lighting for your ideal workspace is just as important as choosing your color palettes and desk area. One option to let in some light while maintaining a semblance of privacy is transitional shades. Transitional shades can be drawn shut, but the unique banding allows light inside while also providing privacy. Roller shades are also an excellent choice for functionality and come with solar screen options to prevent glaring sun. An increasingly popular choice at the moment is woven wood shades. These textured shades provide an element of nature that contributes to a calming work atmosphere. Woven shades can be purchased unlined to allow light to filter through the natural weaves gently.

Home Office Cabinetry

Home office layout trends:

  • linear arrangement along the wall with a selection of several working spaces;
  • a compact home office with a folding table and hanging shelves that can easily fit even in the corner of a room or living area;
  • an office with a workspace, a seating area, and a library arranged in a rectangular manner;
  • workspace with a round or oval table—for those who do not work alone at home;
  • a sizeable rectangular working table in the center, bookshelves around the room’s perimeter, a fenced-off seating area—a definitive solution for serious entrepreneurs.

Contact Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. and let us work together to create your dream home office space in West Palm Beach.