Home Office Palm Beach

The name Palm Beach says it all. Who would ever want to leave their home in this tropical paradise to go to the office? Instead, invest in a home office from which to work.

The Many Benefits of Working from Home

If it is good enough for Bill Gates, it is good enough for me! Microsoft published a whitepaper titled “Work without Walls” which summarized a survey of the top ten benefits of working from home:

“10) Environmentally friendly (23%)

9) More time with family (29%)

8) Less stressful environment (38%)

7) Quieter atmosphere (43%)

6) Eliminate long commute (44%)

5) Less distractions (44%)

4) More productive (45%)

3) Avoid traffic (47%)

2) Save gas (55%)

1) Work/home balance (60%)”

The Two Most Important Elements of Your Home Office

But just because you may be working from your home – whether full time or occasionally – does not excuse a shabby workspace. A properly designed, ergonomically effective, and stylish office will ensure that you are as productive as ever.

The aim is to create an environment that takes care of your body so that you can enjoy the time spent in your home office. The last thing you want is pain in your wrist joints, a sore back and stiff neck, or a general lethargy from a lack of ergonomics.

  1. Desk

Ensure that your office desk meets your height and needs criteria regarding height, depth, storage, and surface space. A modern trend you may want to consider is the sit-to-stand desk.

  1. Chair

The top tip is to choose a chair that is comfortable enough for you to sit in it for many hours per day. To avoid stress to your spine, neck, and back opt for a chair that encourages good posture and supports your lumbar spine. Pay careful attention to assessing the seat height, seat depth, seat-pan angle, lumbar support, backrest height, backrest angle, and armrests.

Schrappers Fine Cabinetry and Design, Inc. 

For all elements of your home office, the team at Schrappers Fine Cabinetry, Inc. has you covered. We combine time, talent, cost, quality, delivery and installation, warranties, and service to create your dream home office in Palm Beach. For more information, please contact us today.