Designing & Installing Cabinetry For Your Home Office in North Palm Beach

If you are designing or even sprucing up your existing home office in North Palm Beach, you are going to need to give serious attention to your cabinetry and storage areas. One of the perks of working from a home office is that you will get to escape the hum-drum designs and cubicle-esque work spaces that you would otherwise be subjected to. The home office space, regardless of its size, can benefit from a well thought-out and planned design and installation with the following elements:

  • Built-in cupboards / cabinets for storage
  • Book shelves
  • Wall units
  • Built-in desk areas or counters

Advice On Creating a Good Home Office Space For Your North Palm Beach Home

You will probably spend a great deal of time in your home office, so it’s important to ensure that you make good use of space. The more space that you have available, the better. Two top tips for making a home office that works for you are below:

  • Choose your home office location wisely. You will need to think about how many distractions you can withstand and the flow of traffic through the home. If you need few distractions, locate your office away from the main family gathering zones. Also consider if clients will visit or not as this will also affect the location of the office and the actual design and set up.
  • Achieve a good form and function balance. If you are choosing cabinetry, furniture and shelving purely on aesthetics without considering functionality, you might soon find that your office space becomes uncomfortable to work in. Discuss your work space objectives with the cabinetry experts, so that your work space is highly functional and looks great too.

How to design your home office

Your home office design starts from a careful consideration of the space you have to work with. Are you converting an old bedroom, upgrading an existing study or perhaps using a corner of your living room? You can create a beautiful working area in any of these cases, but you need to be aware of what you’re working with first. 

Next, think about your tastes and how you plan to apply them to the space. You could opt for something in a minimalistic style. Perhaps you want a traditional, cozy look with plenty of richly finished hardwood. You might prefer a more contemporary or modern feel with plenty of light and open space. Here are a few ideas to guide your design thinking:

  • Minimalism: If your work area is going to occupy one part of a larger room – up against one wall, perhaps, or in one corner, then a minimalistic design with a monochrome palette that suits the rest of the room, would be a great choice.
  • Compact office: If you have even less space to work with, then you could consider a drop-front desk that you can close up neatly at the end of your workday. With the right cabinetry, you can create an effective workspace that also doubles up as an attractive wall feature that fits the surrounding decor and that most people wouldn’t even suspect is a desk at all.
  • Contemporary: Sleek cabinetry and desk design, as well as a fair amount of open space if you have it, combined with a light palette – especially if you’re working with plenty of natural light – can help create a workspace in which you can enjoy spending your productive hours, and feel good about inviting your clients to visit.
  • Traditional home office: There is still a lot to be said for the old-fashioned, wood-lined study. A heavy desk, oak or mahogany paneling, and sturdy cabinetry with ornate fittings and ornamentals, all make for a space that offers both comfort and peace, as well as a sense of power and accomplishment.

When thinking about your design, here are some key points to consider:

  • Let your desk be the focal point. Once you have chosen your desk, the rest of the space will develop around it, so choose carefully and let it set the tone.
  • Make a space that you find comfortable. You are going to be spending many hours in this space, so make it one that you will enjoy being in. Aim to please your senses: choose decor that you will enjoy looking at, choose furniture that you will be happy to spend time sitting on or around.
  • Don’t forget the lighting. However much natural lighting you might have in the space, think carefully about the kind of atmosphere you want to create and how you can achieve that with lighting – whether it means adding functional lighting such as desk lamps and downlights, or maximizing the amount of light that streams in through the windows.

Contact Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Incorporated For Your Home Office Design in North Palm Beach

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the team at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Incorporated have the experience and skills to create a home office that’s just right for your North Palm Beach home. As part of our services, we offer our clients the following guarantees:

  • Professional home office design conceptualization and implementation.
  • Superior craftmanship during cabinetry building.
  • Measurements taken meticulously and double checked prior to cabinetry building and installation.
  • Exact finishes are determined by color matching, testing and approving prior to building.
  • Precision installation of hardware and architectural elements.

For more assistance with designing and building a home office in your North Palm Beach home, contact Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Incorporated via email or telephone today.