Design & Installation of Kitchen Cabinets in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If you would like to install new kitchen cabinets in your home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, proper planning, design, and installation are essential. Working with kitchen cabinetry professionals is your best possible chance of taking advantage of the benefits of a brand-new kitchen design. By custom designing and installing kitchen cabinets in your home, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved kitchen functionality
  • Additional storage space to ensure less clutter
  • Improved kitchen cleanliness and hygiene
  • Increased property value and curb appeal

Ensure Quality Craftsmanship for Your Kitchen Cabinets in Palm Beach Gardens

If you are looking for quality craftsmanship for your kitchen cabinets, you will find precisely what you need at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design. Are you ready to make your dream kitchen a reality? Then consult with our cabinetry experts who will ensure that your custom kitchen cabinets’ project is a success.

To ensure versatility and on-trend kitchen cabinet designs that cater specifically to your needs, it’s best to work with qualified, licensed, and insured kitchen cabinet experts in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL, area.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Designs & Remodels for The Modern Palm Beach Gardens Home

We offer the following tips on kitchen cabinet design trends to our customers. Consider these options when having new kitchen cabinets installed in your Palm Beach Gardens home:

  • To avoid dating your kitchen and having to suffer the expense of updating your kitchen space each year, choose a transitional kitchen design that provides a more neutral design which can be accented with other features such as flooring, colors, hardware options, and architectural features.
  • For a kitchen that features sharper edges, softly lit furnishings and polished surfaces, choose a contemporary kitchen design with the use of light colored woods (maple and birch are good options) for kitchen cabinets.
  • For a kitchen that features olde-world fine cabinetry design with a modern appeal, a traditional style kitchen is a good choice. There are many options for traditional kitchens that include ornate corbels, fluted columns, crown moldings, French country designs, and olde-World designs.

These different styles can be effectively achieved with the conceptualization, design, and installation of the right kitchen cabinets in your Palm Beach Gardens home.

Transitional Kitchen - Kitchen Design Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Kitchen Design Ideas

You will undoubtedly want your overall kitchen design to match your brand new kitchen cabinetry. Not sure what sort of aesthetic you are looking for? There are indeed many different options to choose from! A great place to start is to consider the various kitchen design trends that are currently making their presence known in kitchens around the globe.  Here are some creative kitchen design ideas and trends to consider.

Dark and dramatic

One of the most on-trend kitchen design ideas for 2020 and beyond is a dark and dramatic color palette. Gray or black kitchen cabinetry matched with backsplashes of the same hue, and perfectly complemented with sleek wooden accents, are sure to turn your kitchen into the talking point of your home. Pairing dark gray with natural wood, in particular, is a timeless combination and promises to add a sense of balance to the interior. Think elegant, yet dramatic.

Matte is a must

Matte finishes provide a stylish touch to your kitchen space. Matte is understated which means that you can get a bit more daring with other aspects of the room, such as the lighting and the floors. Matte kitchen cabinetry is especially popular right now. If you do not want to mattify the main aspects of the kitchen, you can take the subtle route and opt to include matte accents, such as matte faucets, light fixtures and handles.

Open shelves

Open shelving and textured glass-fronted kitchen cabinetry allow you to showcase your personality. They facilitate the merging of beauty and functionality and provide the opportunity to add more color and texture to the room. Recipe books, jars topped with various ingredients like rice or brightly colored jelly beans, wooden decorative items, and plants all look stunning when displayed on open shelving or within textured glass-fronted kitchen cabinetry.

Leverage backsplashes

Back in the day, backsplashes were merely functional. Nowadays, interior designers are leveraging them in order to create powerful focal points within the room with the help of lighting and eye-catching materials. Trendy materials include water jet tiles with inlaid metals,  or mixing the tile sections with a focal point of matching stone to the counters as a dramatic backdrop for your hood!

For a quotation on custom kitchen cabinetry design and installation, contact us via email or telephone at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. today.

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