Closet Systems in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach enjoys year-round excitement! All of this within easy reach of smooth-sanded beaches and some of the nation’s most enticing waterways. With so much variety on offer – from shopping, fine dining, Broadway-quality shows, and a world-renowned art museum – many demands for dressing up are made of the residents of the Orchid City. All the clothes and gear required for the various activities demand well-designed storage.

Flexible organization

In a city offering so much choice, it helps to be able to grab the right item quickly and easily when an occasion arises. From valets and shoe trays, to pull-down rods and custom-made jewelry trays, well thought out storage keeps everything at your fingertips.

Organization is key, no matter the space you have available. For that reason, there are three closet system solutions:

  • Walk-In for those who have an abundance of space;
  • Reach-In for places where space is limited;
  • Wardrobe for when space just is not available.

Your mamma was right when she proclaimed that there should be “A place for everything, and everything in its place”. Our design team will assist you in creating a closet to maximize the space you do have to work with.

Cover up

Some, despite all the modern conveniences intended to help keep one organized, still suffer from a terribly untidy streak. If this sounds like you, take solace in the fact that closing the doors on your closet will keep the skeletons hidden!

Whether you select a solid wood and veneer construction, a plywood construction with veneer, or medium density fiberboard with laminates, superior craftsmanship and precision installation ensure that your closet is a beautiful cover up.

To stamp your own signature style on your chosen closet system, there is a wide variety of cabinetry hardware – hinges and handles, pulls and knobs – from which to choose.

For the closet system of your dreams, contact Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. today.