Closet Systems, Palm City

Living in Palm City boasts a multitude of benefits such as sunny weather, a low crime rate, plenty of local amenities, and a high graduation rate. With this pleasant lifestyle in mind, here are tips on designing or updating your Palm City closet system:

  • Closet Confidential 


English is awash with many an idiom centered around “closet”:

  • A broom closet is a figurative place where one hides one’s practices and activities from other people.
  • A skeleton in the closet refers to a secret that would cause embarrassment if it were known.
  • To come out of the closet means being willing to talk in public about something that was kept secret.
  • Something that is closeted is keeping it secret.
  • To closet X with Y is to put someone into a private room with someone else for the purposes of conducting business.

Even the neatest person would agree that a closet system is a terrific way to shield prying eyes from your personal effects. Just imagine removing your cupboard doors – what would be exposed?

  • Designing Closet Systems 


With the latest trends in closet design, the aim is two-fold:

  1. Organize your belongings in such a way that you know exactly what is where. A phrase you may have heard your mother use is coming back into fashion as the 21st century is making us re-evaluate our relationship with material goods: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Having a well-designed closet system saves you time and frustration. You can easily locate what you are looking for when the inner workings of your cupboards are designed with specific needs in mind – think along the lines of valets, shoe trays, pull-down rods, belt and tie racks, and custom-made jewelry trays.

  1. A closet system should also be elegantly finished with quality materials – be the construction made of solid woods and veneers, plywood construction with veneer, or medium density fiberboard with laminates. Boasting such quality finishes, even if your cupboard doors are removed, you will have no reason to keep the contents a secret!

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc. 


We are based in Jupiter – less than 23 miles’ drive from Palm City. We have been in the business of producing custom-made cabinetry of the highest caliber for discerning designers, builders, and homeowners for over 30 years. We are known for our kitchen design and remodeling, bathroom design, outdoor living spaces and entertainment centers, as well as our office library spaces and wall units.

To enjoy the finest quality closet systems and cabinetry in your home, contact the team at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry, Inc., and draw on our many yeas’ experience.