Built-Ins in Hobe Sound

Hobe Sound, with its splendid beaches, tropical weather, and abundant palm trees could well be mistaken for a holiday paradise. But many people live here. And for those residents, their homes should match their taste in location. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design, Inc., creates the best built-ins in Hobe Sound. Built-ins are more than just wall units; they form a part of your home.


  • Built-in furniture is custom made furniture designed specifically for your home. Built-ins blend into the house and make it seem as though they are extensions of it rather than freestanding furniture. They allow you to maximize space while still retaining a free and open feel throughout the house.
  • Built-ins blend into the surrounding décor rather than standing out from it. This makes them almost minimalist in appeal, but just as functional. A large piece of built-in furniture looks smaller and more slender than a freestanding one of the same dimensions.
  • Built-in furniture provides a ton of storage. The built-in unit will typically cover an entire wall. However, due to its fitted nature, it doesn’t make the room seem claustrophobic. The fact that they are tailor made for every situation allows you to blend it with the décor of the house, and do interesting things such as integrate light fittings.
  • The most common (and some might argue satisfying) built-in units are of course bookcases. There are so many ways to create, personalize, and display your treasured collection of books on a built-in bookcase. Not only that, but the elements of your book case can easily be adjusted, such as removable shelves to create an ever-changing dynamic or to accommodate your larger tomes.
  • Built-ins will allow you to customize more than just the usage of space in your home. Staining the wood or painting the furniture allows you to create a pop of color in your house that would otherwise only be possible by painting a wall.

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design, Inc.

For more than 30 years, Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design, Inc., has been supplying Florida with the highest caliber cabinetry for the most discerning individuals. Whether it is for a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or for the general décor, your built-ins in Hobe Sound will be unique and custom made just for you. Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry is the built-in solution you’ve been looking for. For more information, contact us now and set up your free consultation.