Selecting Counter Tops To Suit Your Cabinetry

April 4, 2022

An important part of your kitchen design is selecting countertops and cabinetry that complement one another. If you are wondering how to go about making the right choices in this regard, follow these expert tips.

Tips For Matching Your Kitchen Countertops And Cabinetry

There is more to matching kitchen countertops and cabinetry than just choosing complementary colors. There are a number of factors at play, such as selecting the counter and cabinet types that best suit your lifestyle. Aside from matching colors, you need to match textures too.

First, consider who you are and what kind of home you wish to create. If you have a family, you will want plenty of base cabinets and floor cabinets that the kids can easily reach. You will also want to maximize your storage space, with a combination of your base and floor cabinets, augmented by wall cabinets that you can use for items that you would prefer to keep out of the children’s reach. Top these off with practical countertops for a family kitchen that sees plenty of active use from adults and kids alike: stone, laminate, or stainless steel, for example.

If your home is a bachelor pad, you could choose granite, concrete, or wood. These may require sealing or oiling, maintenance tasks that may not fit in with a large family’s schedule and lifestyle.

Commonly Used Color Combinations in Kitchens

Cabinetry and countertops come in a range of materials and colors. Wooden cabinetry and countertops can also be stained or varnished in colors of your choice. Whatever colors you choose, it would help to follow a few simple rules or approaches when matching counters and cabinetry:

  • You can’t go wrong with stark contrast. Black cabinetry with white countertops, or vice versa, creates an eye catching, modern look.
  • If you want more choice, choose laminate countertops. Stone comes in a limited range of looks and colors. With laminate, you can choose almost any color you wish.
  • Instead of a starkly contrasted approach, such as you would get with black and white, for example, you can choose earthier tones for your cabinetry and pair it with quartz or granite counters. This creates an understated, modern look.

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