Schrapper’s Turns Laundry Time into Good Times

June 13, 2013

There was a time when basements, attics, mud rooms and laundry rooms were relegated as second-class areas of the house. Well, times are a changing, and it’s about time. Over the past few decades kitchen design has overcome the stigmatized, old-fashioned rhetoric as the place for the little lady of the house.

It is now the gathering place for family and friends – a great room that knows no divide; where man and woman can unite and cook up a storm in mutual equality!
It seems that the same can be said for the once dismal laundry room. Dare we say they have become one of the most cheerful places in the home? We can conclusively state that laundry rooms are finally on the map.

The Charming Components of a Laundry Room
The latest laundry rooms now boast beautiful, quality custom cabinetry. Laundry niches in close proximity to the kitchen are often extensions, working hand in hand style wise. Similar to upgrading the pantry, laundry rooms are now given much more credibility as a place where a homemaker can spend several hours a week. It is not unlikely that you will find the following details in the room that houses your humming washer and dryer:

  •   Matching hardwood cabinetry
  •   Colorful storage baskets and bins
  •   Fashionable and chic lighting fixtures
  •   Hi-speed computer and television connections
  •   Window treatments and accessories worthy of your living room

Yes, laundry rooms have certainly earned higher stature and with good reason. Significant blocks of time are spent there. With the exhilarating clean soap scent, charming décor and hi-speed computer connection, try not to look surprised when your kids starts hanging out with you.