Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Inc. Steps Up in the Fight Against COVID-19

April 11, 2020

Here at Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Inc., we are focused on doing our bit to help curb the spread of the relentless virus that is COVID-19. One of our approaches in this regard is to incorporate anti-microbial acrylic panels into all of our bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling projects.

Anti-bacterial panels

The panels that we use when giving our clients’ kitchens/bathrooms a full-service makeover, or when designing from scratch, have been crafted with an anti-bacterial agent that inherently prevents the growth and spread of several micro-organisms – the COVID-19 virus included. This is the reason why these decorative, functional panels are ideal for installation in both residential and commercial settings. They can be installed in schools, restaurants, hotels, daycare facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and more. Most importantly, they can be installed in your home for maximum peace of mind.

Anti-microbial pulls

Along with anti-bacterial panels for kitchens and bathrooms, Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Inc. specializes in the inclusion of anti-microbial copper pulls. These pulls have the power to prevent the proliferation of germs. If germs, bacteria, and viruses cannot multiply on these surfaces, it means that the risk of them spreading from person to person is drastically reduced – a massive relief during these uncertain times.

Surface cleaning guidelines

Keep in mind that although your home will be fitted with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial panels and pulls, it is still recommended that you wipe down and disinfect surfaces within your home regularly to be extra safe. Make an effort to specifically clean those areas that are touched frequently, such as door handles, light switches, faucets, armrests, and tabletops. Do so wearing disposable gloves that fit you well and use a mildly alkaline all-purpose detergent. These recommendations come directly from the CDC.

If you would like to learn more about the anti-microbial panels and pulls available through Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Inc., please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.