Schrapper’s Best of Bath Designs

April 22, 2014

Bathrooms have come a long way since the days of tiny closets called “WCs.” In fact, they are significant rooms that incorporate enough space to rate as a room unto itself. Today, in addition to a commode, sink and shower, bathrooms are more often than not a spa, lounge, media room, and are furnished with loveseats, ottomans and Wi-Fi!

Vanilla Oasis of Calm

Vanilla scent is practically a universal favorite. Our designer decided to use it visually, accomplishing an amazing look. In our first bathroom the unifying, serene shades of vanilla and beige are frosted with a hint of sea-foam green accented bolsters and toweling, giving the neutral palette a feeling of grandeur. Ample sinks and vanities flank both sides of the room, giving the bathtub, center stage, a place of importance. This is a provincial setting where you can lounge, groom and calmly restore yourself for a new day or a good nights sleep.

Schrapper’s design team built this cabinetry paying great attention to the slightly arched bases and raised and crown moldings. The meticulous framing out of the large mirrors and elegant sconces gracefully completes a room that has a feeling of having always been there.

Bold and Beautiful: Contrasts that Work!

bathroom cabinetry designSumptuous draperies and handsomely tufted ottoman offset this light and dark design of undulating white cabinetry, black iron hardware and earth-toned countertops. The raised-panel bath replicates the beautiful cabinetry, adding a two-toned façade to tie in with the countertop.

Exquisite mirror mounted lighting, lush greenery and perfectly placed accessories top off this bathroom that invites both genders to relax and partake of the generously, naturally lit room. Our designers chose the drapery panels to allow in as much natural light as possible.

Bathroom design has undergone an enormous transformation that enhances homes, adding amenities that one cannot fathom ever living without! View our Bathroom Gallery