5 reasons not to use prefabricated outdoor kitchens

Prefabricated, or “prefab”, outdoor kitchen kits have individual components (grill cabinet, fridge, sink) that are constructed in standard sizes. Another term is a modular outdoor kitchen, with preassembled units that easily fit together by following an instruction manual.

Prefab outdoor kitchens are attractive to the budget-conscious consumer or the DIY homeowner seeking an outdoor kitchen island. They are not designed to be a long-term investment or a permanent fixture in your outdoor living space. They are certainly not a luxurious option if you are seeking a sophisticated and high quality outdoor kitchen.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens manufactures luxurious stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets that are the highest quality. Contrary to prefab outdoor kitchens, longevity and durability are at the forefront of our outdoor kitchen solutions. This article highlights reasons against prefab outdoor kitchens, and why Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is the best long-term investment.

1. They Don’t Last

The first point is arguably the most important: prefabricated outdoor kitchens simply do not last. They are not manufactured or engineered for longevity; rather, they are meant to be a short-term, budget-friendly solution. This point is especially notable outdoors, as materials tend to degrade faster when exposed to the elements.

Our 304 and 316 stainless steel cabinets are engineered to last for a lifetime with proper maintenance. Our kitchens are a permanent solution and an asset to the value of your home. These features are the main reason that consumers continue to choose our cabinetry instead of the non-permanent prefabricated options.

2. Limited Options

If options are important, then a prefab outdoor kitchen is not a viable solution. They are usually available in preset layouts, sizes, and colors. They are also made to fit a limited range of appliances. It is not a solution for most consumers who want to choose their layout, color, appliances, and more.

Although our cabinetry is considered semi-custom, you are guaranteed to find a solution to suit your needs. Our cabinetry is made to order and is available in hundreds of sizes. We manufacture custom trim kits to house almost every appliance on the market. We have over 50 powder coat finishes, a range of door styles, and handle options to ensure a beautiful finished product.

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3. Low Quality

When discussing the quality of prefab outdoor kitchens, you get what you pay for. The lower cost of prefab kitchens is typically due to low quality materials. In the outdoors, the quality of material is vitally important for the durability of your kitchen. A low quality material will corrode, rot, warp, or rust much more quickly.

Our high quality stainless steel cabinets are the most durable option on the market, especially for the outdoors. Other materials such as HDPE (plastic), brick, wood, and aluminum have drawbacks that make them poor choices for your outdoor kitchen. By not choosing stainless steel, you will be investing in a product that will require replacement or expensive upkeep.

4. Maintenance Minder

“Teak” Wood Grain Finish and Louver Door Style – Nokomis, FL“Teak” Wood Grain Finish and Louver Door Style – Nokomis, FL

Maintenance is key when protecting any investment. If you are working with low quality materials in the first place, maintenance is surely going to be a nightmare. The outdoor environment can be very uncertain, which can make your upkeep difficult if your materials and construction are subpar. In this way, a lower up-front cost means more maintenance costs down the road.

Our cabinetry is virtually free of maintenance when powder coated. In addition, our powder coats are UV-resistant and outdoor rated to withstand fluctuating temperatures and exposure to sunlight. Rain gaskets, magnets, high quality welds, and close attention to detail are all features that contribute to carefree maintenance.

5. Do-It-Yourself?

DIY homeowners tend to gravitate towards do-it-yourself outdoor kitchens as well. Prefab kitchens are simple to do yourself, as they are made of components that easily slide or screw together. Since the units are standard sizes, the process involves picking the best size and amenities and following the instructions.

While this process seems simple, the possibility for errors is almost endless. You may choose a layout, size, or location that is not functional for an outdoor cooking space. Despite following instructions, it is easy to install an outdoor kitchen improperly. The results are poor function, safety concerns, violating local laws and codes, and a kitchen that is not level.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens has a team of experts to assist you with your kitchen designs every step of the way. Your outdoor kitchen will be designed using the highest quality materials with experienced designers and installers. Our cabinetry arrives preassembled to the job site with professional instructions for a simple and straightforward process.

Prefab or modular outdoor kitchens are a short-term solution for anyone seeking grill islands for their outdoor spaces. While you may be tempted, a Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen is the best investment. We offer quality materials, low maintenance, an array of finishes and styles, and expert consultation for an enjoyable outdoor kitchen space.

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