Remodeling Your Kitchen? 5 Designer Tip “Musts!”

June 25, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Samples There are some who feel that kitchen design goes the way of the "dodo bird" every year. True, there are newer, smarter examples of kitchen cabinetry, appliances, flooring and accessories every year – it’s what stimulates a segment of the economy.

This is why the consumer should listen to the pros in the biz – the people who support the kitchen design industry but do not kowtow to it.

Kitchen Designer Tips for a Deliciously Dynamic and User-Friendly Room

As you get ready to demo the room of kitchens past, have a look at these ideas that many top-notch kitchen designers consider to be valuable and worth looking into.

  1. No Kitchen is an Island. That’s why the design of the kitchen should reflect a long-term commitment, while the island can stand alone. When you grow weary of the stain or paint color – a new color and a new coat is a snap!
  2. Running Hot and Cold – Water, that Is. If you’re looking to streamline and reduce unnecessary fixtures and appliances, have a look at the new GE© Café French Door refrigerator, serving up both hot and cold water – cubes, too!
  3. What Looks Like Travertine but Isn’t? Check out the very latest in laminate countertops. If the expense of travertine puts your budget into a tailspin, then this could be the best product to come along in a long time.
  4. Compartments Save Cash & Repel Clutter. Compartmentalize all your kitchen gadgetry and – poof! Your kitchen remains uncluttered. Also good for the pocketbook because "a place for everything and everything in its place" means thinking long and hard before acquiring new things.
  5. Islands – Moveable Feasts & Fine Furniture. Since islands have the capability of standing on their own and do not need to provide running water or electricity, consider an interesting, independent piece of furniture.

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