Redesigning Your Outdoor Kitchen Garden

September 19, 2013

Outdoor Kitchen Geographically, your garden relies on what is indigenous to the region where you live. Having said this, you can enjoy a large variety of plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables with little to no down time in between.

The Seasonal Shift

As the seasons change and your plants die off, take this opportunity to experience and enjoy different blooms and tastes. The easiest way to change it up is by removing the interior containers and replacing with your seasonal choices. The great thing about switching out your plants is that you don’t have to go through the heavy lifting or arduous replanting. Also, you can rearrange the decorative planters to reconfigure your outdoor kitchen garden. This keeps things fresh and new.

Your Garden’s Gifts

The variety of plants and flowers that you experience in the course of one year can be a continuous source of joy as one fragrance gives way to another. Consider the choice of fresh vegetables you will harvest as spring gives way to summer, and summer to fall.

Yes, your outdoor kitchen garden appeals to the senses as:

  • They add to the color scheme of your outdoor kitchen and dining area, complementing or creatively clashing with your fabrics and accessories.
  • They provide on the spot herbs when grilling and dining al fresco: Chives and snips of parsley for the baked potatoes, tarragon for the grilled chicken and muddled mint for the mojitos! 
  • They provide the greenery for the patio area that otherwise would be bereft of nature’s foliage, therefore adding an organic backdrop for your dining pleasure. Choose flowering plants and bushes for an aromatic experience.

Remember to look at the big picture as you design your outdoor kitchen garden. Opt for a variety of heights, colors and aromas, and never be afraid to rearrange to shake it up a little.