Redesigning Your Kitchen? Creative Kitchen Chair Coverings

September 26, 2013

Kitchen Cabinetry Design Riddle me this: What kitchen item gets more use than you may think? If you said table you would be partly right. However, it’s the chairs that take a real beating. Chairs are the most "active" item in the room aside from your toddlers!

They get pulled out to sit down and pushed back in at the end of the meal. Your teenagers tip back on the two hind legs, causing you to hold your breath and wonder when you’re going to hear a loud CRACK as something snaps. When the step stool goes missing chairs are stood on as surrogates and they are soiled and stained as junior goes from sippy cup and suction dishes to big-boy cup and plate with utensils.

Kitchens Are More than Just Beautiful Cabinetry

The kitchen is a collaborative effort, starting with quality built cabinetry and ending with the finer details of accessories. In between lies the perfect dining set of table and chairs that often takes as long to find as it takes to redo your kitchen.

So as not to dishonor the beauty and condition of the rest of the kitchen, your kitchen chairs should receive some TLC to keep up. These tips are sure to keep chairs looking smart longer:

  • Keep a touch-up pen on hand for scratches and nicks. They come in a large variety of stain and paint colors.
  • Call a specialty company to vinyl coat your seat fabric. When all of your fabrics match (window treatment, valance and seats) going the extra yard to vinyl coat the fabric is a smart move.
  • And speaking of going the extra yard, always purchase enough fabric to recover your chairs at least once (usually one yard per two seats).
  • Last, but not least, if vinyl coating is not possible, ask your upholsterer to make up clear plastic slipcovers. They’re worth their weight in gold.

Using these helpful tips your chairs should look and wear well for many years.