What to Expect when Considering Schrapper’s: The Process

February 22, 2010

Once you have given Schrapper’s a call at 561.746.3826 or emailed an inquiry to info@schrappers.com to set up an appointment, you are on your way to becoming a part of the satisfied group of customers that has grown consistently with Schrapper’s for over 25 years. What takes place next is a series of steps that include the key components of a well-planned project, either in the award-winning showroom or in the comfort of your own home.

Project Attendance Priority

It is recommended that all parties connected with the project make themselves available for the initial meeting. This is to become acquainted and learn about the vision you have and what is important to you. Starting out on the same page is vital.

The Project: Design Details

Your project begins with a detailed review and discussion about your vision board and/or clippings portfolio. This is of great importance prior to discussing anything else. Once the project concept is clearly understood by all parties, material selection follows. The process continues with a discussion of your expectations.

The Budget

Even though most of the details have been ironed out and materials have been selected, Schrapper’s does not move forward until an onsite measure has been completed. A true professional knows that the budget can change by hundreds of dollars when measurements are a few inches off.


Depending on your choices of materials (primary and secondary woods), hardware, appliances, flooring, fixtures and accessories, a budget is drawn up and reviewed. The project moves forward once everyone is on board, paperwork has been signed and a retainer (fully credited to your project) has been established.

An Educated Decision

Making an educated decision starts with due diligence. Schrapper’s encourages you to speak to family and friends, talk to others in the industry and read testimonials prior to making a decision to contract with them.


A true professional and leader in the design industry does not want you to make a blind decision. This must be the reason why Schrapper’s has consistently grown their business for more than three decades.


Schrapper’s – dedicated to designing your dream.