Patio Panache-Outdoor Kitchens Go “Au Naturel”

November 15, 2013

Outdoor Kitchens Designing an outdoor kitchen couldn’t be easier when you consider the array of products and materials available in today’s marketplace. Rotisseries and grills are constantly being upgraded to outdoor-element-friendly. This is important because when you invest in an expensive piece of equipment, you do not want to replace it every other year. For this reason, many are opting for fireplaces and other types of open cooking pits.

Putting aside the appliances, many in the industry are taking nature’s requirements into consideration. What does this mean?

Flagstone and rock have long been identified as a natural option. However, quarries are being mined to the point of jeopardizing earth’s bounty. An eco-friendly option is customized concrete. The value, both monetarily and ecologically, is substantial. You can even build custom furniture from concrete.

The Natural Elements of Foliage
Planning a backyard haven also involves coordinating the existing grass, bushes and trees. The picture that your landscape designer has in mind for your property should try to incorporate the many plants you already have, or transplant them to fit in with their design. A good design plan will proportionately fuse the existing with the new so as not to destroy and throw away what is already beautifully growing in your yard.

Lastly, when choosing textiles for your awnings and furniture, check out the most recent outdoor fabrics choices on the market. This is a place where you don’t want to skimp. The hot South Florida sun can burn through inferior products within a year or two. The money that you spend with a designer should not be wasted on having to start searching for replacement fabrics two years after your initial investment. You may wish to consider good quality weather-appropriate slipcovers as well. This keeps the beating sun, driving rain and dust and dirt off your furniture.

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