Outdoor Kitchens – A Step Away from Indoor Amenities

November 7, 2014

Stylish flooring, new weathered-look cabinetry, artistic countertops, brushed stainless appliances, avant-garde lighting, and to the moon and back dining furniture… This is what outdoor kitchens have become, and more.

If you live south of the border and enjoy temperate weather most of the year, you may be using your outdoor kitchen more than the indoor one. When you consider the wonderful weather and screened-in patios to keep out the bugs, what could be more delightful than taking advantage of eating outdoors?

Dare We Say It’s a Necessity?

Down south we are all too familiar with inclement weather, as well as the blue-skied sunny days. Hurricanes and tropical storms are all a part of South Florida summers, so loss of electrical power can happen every so often. This is when an outdoor kitchen is more about a solution to a situation than a luxury item.

When the power is out rendering stoves, refrigerators and microwaves useless, your outdoor gas grill is at the ready to cook up breakfast, lunch and supper for your hungry brood.

Keep it Simple or Go Crazy!!!

Schrapper’s does not subscribe to cookie-cutter design. Clients are encouraged to describe their vision – Schrapper’s interprets it. Some prefer the simplicity of a built-in grill and minimal countertop while others want a horseshoe bar that seats ten, a high tech sound system and a wine refrigerator. It’s individual and all doable. Check our our outdoor kitchen gallery.

Outdoor kitchens also serve as a way to commune with nature. The elements of your backyard interact and mix with the natural elements of your exterior dining area. Backsplashes, countertops, cabinetry, flooring and furnishings are taking advantage of the very best natural products available such as wood, stone, brick, slate, marble and granite. It’s easy to feel totally relaxed in your outdoor environment and, somehow, cooking and cleanup suddenly seems so simple. Ahh – the great outdoors!