Outdoor kitchen design trends

July 4, 2016

Many homeowners love to entertain outdoors, especially during the warmer summer months. This passion for outdoor hospitality has reignited the outdoor kitchen design trend. In the past, people would have garden chairs and a grill outside, but today people are investing in everything from outdoor refrigerators to custom designed cabinetry and lighting to add individuality, comfort and flexibility to their outdoor environments. We have rounded up some of the most notable trends in outdoor entertainment areas and kitchens:

Flexibility is key

Everything from water units to countertops need to be multi-purpose so that the outdoor space can morph from a kiddie party area to an elegant adult dinner without much hassle. This is leading interior decorators and designers to specify sophisticated and durable outdoor furniture and accessories.

Outdoor kitchens mirror the home’s décor

People want a seamless transition from their home to their outdoor entertainment area. Many times, colors and materials from their homes will be incorporated into the outdoor kitchen.

Personalized cooking spaces

Everything from small pizza ovens to cooking woks are being built into outdoor kitchens. Avid cooks and chefs (as well as the average mom) are personalizing their outdoor kitchens so that they can do all types of cooking outside.

Outdoor islands

Both indoor and outdoor kitchen islands are very popular at the moment. A great example of a mobile outdoor island is the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen island. The mobile units can be configured in any combination as fully operational outdoor cooking stations, bars and prep areas.

Colors and textures

While most outdoor entertainment areas had stainless steel features in the past, many new outdoor kitchens are full of color. Powder coated finishes and plastic wood products are making it easier for decorators to achieve any look. Dekton by Cosento, for example, has recently expanded its offering with six colors that capture the natural texture, depth and beauty of concrete, wood and limestone and it can be used for indoor as outdoor applications.

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