Open Kitchens: Room to Breathe!

January 26, 2015

It’s nothing new that of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen sees the most traffic. Whether it’s unloading groceries, grabbing a glass of water or snack, cooking, sitting down for a meal, chatting over a cup of tea, or doing homework – there’s plenty of activity going on.

The latest design trend is focusing on kitchens that are airier and open, while still impressively capable of storing all your kitchen basics. Some of the ways kitchen designers have created rooms that allow for breathing space include:


  • Floating lower cabinetry. A center partially recessed base gives the illusion of floating cabinets. The outer lower edges are often rounded, softening right angles. All in all, the look is ethereal and charming.
  • White and light neutral colored palettes are very much in style. Pale shades of beige, grey, blue and green add a breathability aspect that opens up a kitchen space. An all white kitchen with one workstation in a complementary neutral tone is avant-garde and intriguing.
  • The use of lighter toned woods, in unison with pale palettes, also allows for an airier feel to the kitchen.


Secondary Airy Focus
Keeping counters free and clear of clutter allows the eye to see the basic components of a kitchen. Considering all of the wonderful storage options available when organizing your kitchen, it is fairly easy to keep countertops looking free and clear of too many small appliances and decorative elements.

Lighting and hardware are other ways to enhance this airier style of kitchen. Staying with modern or contemporary light fixtures, and simple knobs and pulls, streamlines the design of the room so that rather than catching the eye every few inches, the eye glides over the room and sees it as a whole. The effect is serene, clean and delightfully calming.

Airier rooms are also easier to maintain and tidy up after cooking and serving meals. The uncluttered spaces on countertops are minimalist artistry that you are sure to enjoy, as you take deep breaths of contentment. Namaste!