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March 1, 2010

View Office / Library Photo GalleryRegardless if you work from home or drive miles to Main Street, Schrapper’s has over 30 years of qualified, professional experience in conceiving and implementing the perfect design plan for your workspace.

It all begins with superior craftsmanship when building the cabinetry of your choice. If you can imagine it, Schrapper’s can build it. Measurements are taken, checked and verified prior to beginning work on your cabinets. Colors are tested, matched and approved to successfully process the correct finish. Architectural elements and hardware selections are ordered, tracked and installed with great precision. No detail is too small or insignificant when Schrapper’s is handling your project.

Schrapper’s Extras and Essentials

Discerning customers have come to expect more from Schrapper’s – and they’re never disappointed! Office and library spaces designed by the Schrapper’s team are always supported by:

  • Team mentality – all for one and one for all. This translates to a group effort from start of project through to installation.
  • Well thought out suggestions – be prepared to hear a grab bag full of ideas that you might never have thought of: all free for the taking!
  • Accessibility to the newest and best – Schrapper’s is always a step ahead by keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.

Keeping Books or Reading Books: Schrapper’s Creates Your Special Space

If you have a passion for all types of styles you’re in luck. Schrapper’s can give you your sleek, minimalist office space and your old world mahogany built-in library with rolling ladder and polished brass fittings. You don’t have to compromise – you can have it all as you transfer from your ergonomically correct office chair by day to your comfortably upholstered wing chair by night.

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Schrapper’s – dedicated to designing your dream..

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