Oddly Shaped Closet Space? You Need Custom Closet Systems!

November 18, 2019

Standard rectangular closet spaces are usually quite easy to utilize. Shelves, rods, and organizers are made standard to fit these spaces. However, not all closet spaces come in these easy, boxy shapes. What do you do when you have a closet space that is narrow or unusually high relative to its width, or that has a curved back wall? 

This is where the artistry and planning of a custom cabinetry expert come into play. The truth is that any space can be customized to become a perfectly arranged, maximized closet. It’s simply a question of finding, designing and applying the right custom closet system. Here are three examples of odd-shaped spaces and how custom cabinetry can transform them:

Narrow Walk-In Closets

A very narrow walk-in closet may take the form of a passageway with the shelves and hanging space squeezed in along one wall. It can look a little like a reach-in closet with the door positioned on the wrong side. In this case, the standard 12-inch shelving may not work because it may limit your range of motion and access. Shelves could thus be customized to the shortest practical depth so that walk-in space can be facilitated. Shelves can also be positioned on the back wall with hanging rods extending beside the longer side wall.

Closet with a Curved Wall

This is always a tricky challenge, but if tackled correctly, a space with a curved wall can be both practical and very stylish. It all depends on the size of the curve. A long, curved area can make way for shorter shelving and organizers to be arranged along with it, provided the cabinetry elements are short enough to follow the curve. A smaller curved space may not provide much room for shelving and it might, therefore, be better for hooks. Then again, with both large and smaller curved areas, shelves can be cut to shape and size to fit the wall like a glove. It depends on the demands of the space.

Shallow Reach-In Closets

These generally can be tackled using standard cabinetry. Custom work comes into play when there is a deep return. The return is the part of the closet that doesn’t face the doors directly and, therefore, requires you to reach around a corner to access them. The best way to handle returns is to place closet organizers on the short walls facing out, so you don’t have shelving that disappears into a dark corner. 

These are just examples of how custom closet systems can re-shape your storage space. There are very few limits on how an expert cabinet maker can utilize and maximize your closet. It all depends on the unique possibilities of each space. If you live in or around Jupiter, FL, and have a strange-shaped closet space that you’re looking to transform, contact Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry Inc. today.