October is National Kitchen and Bath Month

October 7, 2013

Bathroom Design

A toilet tank repair may be a minor issue or just the tip of the iceberg. Easy fixes include:When you consider that October is National Kitchen and Bath Month in addition to National Toilet Tank Repair Month, it makes sense to reassess your bathroom commode situation and, perhaps, come up with a plan to breathe new life into your tired old bathroom. 

  • Repairs to the fill valve
  • Repairs to the flush valve
  • Loose flush-lever assembly

A cracked tank, however, can be the result of a manufacturer’s defect; temperature changes and mechanical failures can cause pressure to build up in pipes. You never want to ignore a cracked tank and let it go unchecked.


Tanks for the Memory
At the end of the day the message your tank may be sending you is it’s time to replace old bathroom fixtures and call in a design expert who can bring you up to date on what’s happening in bathroom design. And consider this – if the tank is getting old, so is the floor, sink, tub, lights and every other part of your bathroom.

Updates Pay Dividends
Your home is probably the most expensive purchase that you have ever made or will ever make. It is reasonable then to keep the busiest rooms in the house up to date as an invested interest in your property. Homeowners know their house is a good part of their retirement portfolio as they start thinking about downsizing; with the probability of moving into a condo or apartment.

Updating your kitchen and bathrooms, in conjunction with regular maintenance of the exterior and interior, not only ensures a better return on investment, it also provides that much more enjoyment for you and your family.