National Work from Home Week: The Best Home Offices

October 7, 2014

Home Office Built InSome offices come in all shapes, colors and sizes. From niches under stairwells to impressive executive "command centers," home offices have become almost a necessity for entrepreneurs.

Two years ago it was documented that almost 13.5 million Americans worked from home; that’s a 41% increase over the previous decade!

What’s Your Style?Or maybe a better question would be, "Do you have a style?" Schrapper’s has a portfolio full of home office designs that they’ve turned into a reality for their clients in Admiral’s Cove, Jupiter Country Club and Waters Edge. To acknowledge and celebrate National Work from Home Week, you might want to consider revamping your home office space.

Desk for Two, Please!
For the last few decades a larger percentage of households include two actively financial contributors, and often they are both entrepreneurs requiring a home office space. In such cases a desk for two is just perfect! It takes up less space but allows each person a good amount of personal space and storage.
It’s also a way to remain social and have a connected feeling while working alone. Joint home offices give you the opportunity to:


  • Bounce ideas off one another
  • Cover incoming calls when one is absent
  • Enjoy having lunch with someone you like!


A Niche for One!
If you work solo and space is an issue, there are ways to make small spaces work for you: under a stairwell, a cozy attic room and even your own closet. You’d be amazed at how creative our design team gets when put to the test!

Working from home can be an absolute joy, given the home office that fits your business and space requirements. Think about what your basic needs include:


  • Sufficient outlets for all of your technology
  • Space and design to meet with your clients
  • Storage solutions to maintain an uncluttered environment


Once you draft your needs, Schrapper’s drafts the office space that frees you to conduct your business. Happy National Work from Home Week!