Modular Entertainment Units Spread Out

August 26, 2014


Once popular in a limited range of styles, entertainment units are now popping up in every style imaginable. They are also spreading out into bedrooms, dining rooms and, really, any space large enough to contain them.

When you think of their versatility – it makes sense. 

  • In the dining room, as your china and crystal collections grow, isn’t it perfect that you can double up your modular unit to hold more?
  • In the bedroom, modular entertainment centers are stylish replacements for the dresser and highboy, and a great stand-in for the armoire.
  • The guest bedroom becomes the perfect place for clothes storage. Entertainment units are custom built to accommodate any design and any situation when the interior is planned to your specifications. 

Matchmaker Find Me a Match
Entertainment centers are pieces of furniture unto themselves. In other words, no matter what the style of coffee table, end tables and upholstered furniture, your modular unit will fit right in. The design and color can be complimentary or contrasting – making a statement much like artwork on the wall.

Entertainment Center Demographics
Whether you live in a house, condo or apartment, an entertainment unit that is built modularly can move wherever you go. Thinking of leaving Jupiter, Florida and taking up residence in Boynton Beach? No problem. With modular units you can reconfigure them in your new home.

Modular custom furniture is not restricted to vertical units. They can be stacked units as well. What may start out as a tall case for electronic components is easily broken down to lower bookshelf and console unit. That is the beauty of this type of case furniture. The unit that you used in your great room can now be broken down and find a home in your entranceway and hall.

Kind of like building blocks for adults!