May 5th to 11th is Goodwill Industries Week

May 16, 2013

Since colonial times and lasting well into the 1900s May 1st was traditionally moving day. There are varying stories of how it came about, but all will agree that it has gone the way of the phonograph record and Model-T Ford. Today, the moving season lasts several months, from May through to the beginning of September.

What has become a tradition in its own right is Goodwill Industries Week. Celebrated the first full week of May, this week’s worth of events encourages people across the United States and Canada to help others through donation and fundraising programs.

Originally the festivities included events such as garden parties and teas. These have been faded out due to a more modern existence and replaced with donation drives on campuses and family fun days.

Tying In Goodwill Week and Moving Season
Though much has changed in the past few decades, the good feelings that people get when giving back have not. Moving season is a time to clear out and clean up – what better time to give back as well. When you consider that one man’s trash in another man’s treasure, you might be hard pressed to throw away your excess items. Always in need are:

  •   Gently used clothing, shoes and boots
  •   Sports equipment, hobbies, toys and games
  •   Furniture, blinds, light fixtures and accessories

Approximately 97 percent of the population is not in a position to throw things away because they no longer hold appeal. These same people look for the bargains that are afforded them when those who can splurge on new furniture and clothes, are moving. If you are among the hundreds of thousands who will be moving this season, you can feel really good about yourself as you either participate in some of the Goodwill’s events or donate some of your gently used possessions.

Schrapper’s Fine Cabinetry and Design encourages the community to get involved with Goodwill or other charities of your choice.